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Christine Hart, born in Bad Homburg (Germany) the 23 november 1971, half german and half spanish grew up bilingual, she speeks fluently more than six lenguages. She garduated from Law school in the University of Barcelona, but soon she started in the modeling Business after being discovered by Helmut Newton. She moved to New York at the end of the ninetys working as a model in the comercial and TV Business , almost ten years. Her passion for traveling didnt stop her from new adventures. She falled in love with Australia and New Zealand, so she decided to live there for a few years. traveling around all the pacific islands.

When her kids were born, she moved to Paris with her husband and decided to stard a new period as an interior designer. Her love for vivid colors, raw materials and simple beauty inspires all her projects. She lives acctually in Barcelona with her family.

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  • chill out

  • Loft 50 m2

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  • Magic in your Grass